think... O'Hara
think... Gone with the Wind
think... Favorite color
think... Just because we like it
We are comprised of eight splendiferous folks: Monti, Mardell, Debra, Liz, Joe, Maura, Rachael and Deb.

Perhaps you should think of us as the...SCARLETTANS!
After many hours of conversation, a little bit of blind faith, several buckets of sweat, and countless bottles of good chianti, Monti and Mardell turned Scarlett from a mere thought into a reality.

Special kudos to Carolyn, Marni, Tim and Jeff for your dedication and are truly loved!
200 SW Michigan Street, Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98106

ring: (206) 763.2559
fax : (206) 763.2565

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