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Scarlett is a wholesale manufacturer's representation agency with a boutique showroom located in the Seattle Mart. Our territory covers the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and we're proud to represent a unique mix of home, fashion and gift lines.

After many hours of conversation, a little bit of blind faith, several buckets of sweat, and countless bottles of good chianti, Monti Porter and Mardell Rayner turned Scarlett into a reality. Seventeen years later and Scarlett is still going strong!


The Seattle Mart
200 SW Michigan Street

Showroom 208
Seattle, WA 98106

Open every Monday from 9:00-4:00 excluding holidays.



Scarlett has five exceptionally dedicated road reps; Debra Unruh, Liz Bowen, Rachael Maya, Deb Steiger and Joe Maya. Monti and Mardell co-own Scarlett and run the day-to-day business as well as cover key accounts.

Click here for sales rep information.

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